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“ETRO is not only the most lively and buoyant Italian brand. It’s a whole world and it is astonishing.” – Girolamo Etro

Etro is an Italian brand de luxe, with collections revealing its authentic designer’s magic. The main emphasis is made on ingenious patterns and new unusual color combinations. Taking a glance on some of the models we can witness unthinkably bright colors, with everything matching brilliantly: the lines, bands, flowers, squares, pop-art picturesque figures, embroidery and applications. Etro takes things that are ironic, striking and bold to a level of true art. Interestingly, with all the unthinkable vividness, the Etro designers display amazing skill creating such things that are completely lacking pattern obtrusiveness. Therefore, this whole ‘mixture’ does not nark one bit, but quite the opposite – it pleasantly elates and appeals to the eye.

Etro is an honourable brand, awaited in Kazakhstan for quite a while. Soon, its first boutique will open in Kazakhstan. Located on two levels with more than 200 square meters of territory, the Etro fashion boutique will appear before Almaty residents in all its charm and size. The boutique will present men’s and ladies’ fashion lines of apparel, handbags, footwear and accessories and, of course, the list did not go without incredible accessories for home and furniture.


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