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Our brand connects the features which make it different from others.
VILLA boutiques and restaurants is the project of a premium class, which is presented in exquisite forms of Italian architecture typifying classical values of international quality, exquisite service and relaxing atmosphere.

- The brand is monumental, grand and elegant at the same time. Well-proportioned columns along with unique landscape will give the visitors the spirit of primeval Italy.

- VILLA Boutiques and Restaurants grant its visitors unforgettable shopping and entertainment. Villa is the place for those who want to live in comfort and enjoy it.

- The VILLA Brand is the art of life, shifting all expectations.

- The key elements defining our brand:

- business experience in management and development of the centers of commercial real estate.

- professional managerial staff

- successful business projects in different fields during last 21 years

- International experience in design and building

- Step-by step promoting of the Villa Brand guarantees its strong positions on the market.

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